the hands delight to trace

Museum Gunzenhauser, Chemnitz

3 sat Kulturzeit Kulturtipp vom 31.8.20

19. Mai – 11. Oktober 2020

Herzliche Einladung zur Ausstellung.

Einführung in die Ausstellung

Anja Richter
Kuratorin Museum Gunzenhauser

Musikalische Umrahmung

Discoteque Tandem


May 19th 2020

Museum Gunzenhauser is reopening for guests.
The hands delight to trace can now be visited.

May 10th 2020

Have a look at the Museum Gunzenhausers Website.
Anja Richter gives an insight into my work and practice.
Beate Düber reads texts she wrote for paintings I made. Thank you very much for this.

ultra mere #5, 2018, oil on paper,  30 x 35 cm

When there was that kind of weather, good spirit and calm whilst hanging paintings and we thought we’d open the hands delight to trace on friday, 13 th of march 2020:

8. Januar 2020